Exclusive Video: Masked men brazenly rob beloved Osborne Pawn Shop in East Nashville

A group of four armed men robbed the long standing and community favorite Brothers Pawn Shop in East Nashville earlier today. The robbers took off on foot and were chased by police throughout the city. Details are still coming in.

"We are terrified... Afraid for our lives and our stuff. We just want to put this whole ordeal behind us and move on."

Witnesses reportedly heard one of the bandits yelling “You made a mistake, you got the wrong guy, I’m only guilty of a damn good time” as he was being handcuffed and lead into the back of a police cruiser. At least 3 bandits are still having a little fun on the run as police continue their search. Helicopters have been called in to assist in the search. Authorities are looking for additional witnesses to testify when the suspects have their day in court.